We adapt to your needs to make sure you get a unique and inspiring design that converts. We write professional content to entice your customers, we’ll create a mobile optimized website so your site will look beautiful and convert on mobile and tablets as well as on desktop. We SEO optimize your website so your customers can easily find you on search-engines, and we support you in every step of the process, from initial concept to ongoing maintenance.


Having a beautiful converting website is the first step in increasing sales online. The second step is to promote your websites on search-engines so your customers can find when looking for your product or services online. We offer monthly affordable and extremely effective SEO services for all business sizes and in all industries.

We're Seo Tornado


We are a small team of enthusiastic experts, with an innovation driven ADN. Our company is located in Argentina, which is and advantage to our customers since they can get lower rates due to the US currency strength compared to our currency.

We think that money isn’t everything. We want to over deliver each and every time, and we do follow our clients till they get the expected results and beyond.

Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you think we can help you solve your issues, wether you’re new or a recurring customer. We make no difference at all with anybody. If you’re happy with what we provide, we are happy as well cause it means that we’ve done a great work!

Our Team

Fernando Georgalos

Fernando Georgalos


He has a marketing degree and is the co-founder of SEO Tornado. He has two beautiful kids, loves playing golf and soccer and practicing self-defense.

Juan Cruz Molina

Juan Cruz Molina

Graphic Designer

He has a degree in graphic design with a huge client base of big Argentinian companies and co-founder of SEO Tornado. He’s passions are cars and technology. He’s an amazing designer with an obsession for the details. He’s always looking for perfection.

Dante Georgalos

Dante Georgalos

Marketing Manager

He also has a marketing degree, just like he’s brother. He loves cars, like Juan Cruz, and enjoys going for a walk in his spare time.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."